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We purchase wrecked, damaged or junk cars in order to get these vehicles to a better home or for use with reconstruction projects. We are a reputable company that has had years of experience when it comes to handling those vehicles that other dealers have no interest in. Our professional service includes free towing in order to get the car to us, which is a huge benefit to the seller. And we are open 7 days a week.

We specialize in the resell of broken down vehicles that can be used for spare parts or for that car that the person has always dreamed of restoring. With our professional service we can find the car that you have always wanted or needed within a few moments. Other companies that offer the same type of service consider their company to be a junk company, however, we look at these cars as viable ways to get the car that you need for whatever that need may be. If you are someone that has such a car, why let it rot away on your property? Why take the risk of a car lot giving you next to nothing for your car? Instead, make money from this and give us a call today. No matter what time you call, we will be there.

Our friendly customer service staff is ready to assist a seller or buyer with anything that they may need. Including towing this car to us or to the new location that the person wants this in. You will only deal with us, as the towing service is a part of our company. Thus, there is no fear of working with a third party towing company. All transactions are handled in house and this ensures your safety no matter what.

For those that are in need of someone to help them get the damaged car for their reconstruction needs or to have a junk car brought in, we are the company to call. We promise prompt and courteous service throughout the entire transaction with a guarantee that is hard to come by. And you will walk away completely satisfied. Now, if you are not satisfied with the service we offer, or are looking to work with another service we would highly recommend using cash for cars. They are another firm that specializes in purchasing used cars, and they often purchase higher end luxury vehicles.

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